Summary of Qualifications


   Vee is an upbeat artist and alumni of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Although specialized in 2D art and character animation, she also has experience in storyboarding, concept art, and illustration.  She is always enthusiastic to learn more about her craft, has an exceptional work ethic, and is a massive nerd for animation and comic history. When not at her desk, she can usually be found hiking or playing tabletop games.




•Toon Boom Harmony • Storyboard Pro • Animate CC • Photoshop • In Design •

 • Premiere • Microsoft Office Suite • Windows • Mac




• 2D Animation • Storyboarding • Toon Boom Character Rigging • Concept Design • Illustration •

• Graphic Design • Creative Writing • Social Media •


Work Experience


Bento Box Animation

2D Animator | 2019-Present

• 2D character animation using ToonBoom Harmony on (still under NDA) Netflix productions.

Copernicus Studio

2D Animator | 2016-2019

• 2D character animation done using Toonboom Harmony and Adobe Animate CC. Shows ranging from the Emmy-nominated pre-school show "Give A Mouse a Cookie" to award-winning hit "Teen Titans Go!", with a few projects in the middle under NDA.

Jensenix Inc

2D Artist | 2016

• Building assets for mobile games.

Savannah Derby Devils

Graphic Design | 2016

• Designed the logo and merchandise that will be used for a summer WFTDA tournament attended by many teams in the southern US, as well as the halloween logo later in the year.


Illuminated: Art & Beautiful Writing

Marketing | Summer 2015

• Handled the social media and advertising presense of the Illuminated calligraphy workshops, and final gallery show.


Ex Libris

Art Supply Associate | 2011-2015

• Knowing the where-it-is and what-it-does of thousands of art supplies.

• Customer Service


Jen Library Special Collections

Comic Archivist | 2013-2015

• Processing and organizing comic donations to the Library.


Hidden River Cave/American Cave Museum

Environmental Educator | 2009-2010

• Guiding groups of 10-30 on a tour through the Hidden River Cave and educating them on

    karst geology, environmental sensitivity, and local history of the area.

•Teaching archeology and petroglyph history to fieldtrip groups.




Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah, GA | May 2015

• Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation

• Minor in Sequential Art


Courses include: Art History (Ancient - Modern), Human Anatomy, Visual Storytelling, 2D Character Animation, Digital Cel Animation, Storyboarding for Animation, Intro to 3D Animation.                                          


Films and Accomplishments


SCAD Juried Showcase

Savannah, GA | 2015

  • My film was selected from nearly a hundred student shorts to be in the showcase juried by faculty.


"Inky Fingers" Short film


  • Designed whole film, supervised a small crew who assisted with animation and

       clean up.


"Chalk Talk," John Webber

Animator | 2015

  • Animated the opening and ending sequences.


"Saudede," Giovanna Coutinho

Character Design2014

  • Created and designed the characters for the CGI student film, "Saudede."


"Anka," Melissa Kelley

Ink & Paint | 2014

  • Cleaned up shots for the film.


"Rot'n'Roll," Haley Carroll

Ink & Paint, Background Artist | 2014

  • Cleaned up shots and backgrounds.


Vernissage Show

Lacoste, France | March 2012

• Displayed a set of six watercolor paintings based on scenes in Provençal France.




Available upon request.

All art is copyright Brittany (Vee) Eaton unless stated otherwise.